Cheeseburger in Paradise: A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett

Cheeseburger in Paradise: A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett

❤️ 🍔 Cheeseburger in Paradise 🍔 ❤️

A Big Warm Bun and a Huge Hunk of Meat
Medium Rare with Muenster’d be nice
Heaven on Earth with an Onion Slice
I like mine with Lettuce and Tomato
Heinz 57 and French-Fried Potatoes
Big Kosher Pickle and a Cold Draft Beer

I join Parrot Heads worldwide in mourning the loss of our beloved Jimmy Buffett.

Jimmy’s passing has truly saddened me, as I’m sure it has for many of you. His music has held an extraordinary influence over our lives, instilling in us the courage to embark on incredible adventures, and crafting countless cherished memories.

Oddly enough, in the wake of this somber news, I found myself drawn to the kitchen to prepare and savor a straightforward yet comforting cheeseburger—a symbolic tribute to “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

How To Make A Cheeseburger in Paradise

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Open-Faced Swiss Burger with Flower Salad

Colorful Open-Faced Swiss Burger with Flower Salad and Blistered Tomatoes

Open-Faced Swiss Burger with Flower Salad and Blistered Tomatoes

The idea started out simply to serve my grilled burgers with less carbs and more greens…and yellows, reds, oranges, pinks, and purples. And while there is nothing particularly extraordinary about a hamburger with lettuce and tomato, who wouldn’t be delighted with this vibrant presentation?

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A Cheeseburger Bloody Mary? Yep, That’s Right!

Cheeseburger Bloody Mary by Taste With The Eyes
Cheeseburger Bloody Mary
with sweet cherry peppers and bread & butter pickle chips

What beverage do you most associate with vacation? Margarita, Piña Colada, Champagne, Chilled Dry Rosé, Sangria? The Bloody Mary is definitely on that list. Because it is a cocktail that one imbibes in the daytime. Have you ever ordered a Bloody Mary at night? No, that just doesn’t sound copacetic. It’s summer vacation time – and we are drinking Bloody Marys, outside, in the sunshine. Cheers!

But I simply cannot serve any ordinary Bloody Mary to my guests. Their vacation here must be special so these daytime drinks are served with a unique garnish. A cheeseburger, yep, that’s right, a cheeseburger. Bartenders, feel free to steal this idea.

Cheeseburger Bloody Mary Recipe

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What Makes This The Land of The Free?

cheeseburger-grilled onion

Happy Birthday America, Sweet Land of Liberty!

As much as we have a passion for food and cooking, holidays, of course, have significance beyond what we’re eating. In addition to roasting a big beautiful turkey on Thanksgiving, we spend time giving thanks and sharing our gratitude. On Independence Day, we relish our cheeseburgers, while letting FREEDOM ring!

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Cheeseburgers and Crosstown Rivalry

It’s Friday before THE game, get yourself a Double-Double cheeseburger from the In-N-Out Burger truck in the parking lot on your way into the faculty lunchroom. Before you sit down to enjoy your lunch, you have a decision to make. On which side of the table will you sit?

Saturday is the big football game between longtime crosstown rivals USC and UCLA 1:30 PT at the Rose Bowl Stadium. Not surprisingly, at the K-8 school where I work here in Southern California, there are voracious fans on both sides, all good-natured and spirited! Many of the faculty and staff are graduates of one of these two universities, and those that are not get into the fun by sporting a sweatshirt from their own alma mater.

The lunch table is equitably and fabulously decorated by Judy (a USC fan herself) half the table with USC memorabilia, the other half representing UCLA. There have been 77 match-ups between UCLA and USC with USC winning 42 times, UCLA 28 times, and 7 tie games. Last year’s score: USC 24, UCLA 7.

Where are you sitting? Me, I’m neutral, I’ll sit in any open seat, except when it comes to the Fighting Illini. Then I sit with the Orange and Blue!
Final Score 2008 Match-Up: USC 28, UCLA 7