Black Cod Ponzu Yuzu

UPDATE: A more recent version of this dish (November 2021) can be found on Taste With The Eyes here.

Fresh Black Cod, also known as Sablefish, from the waters off the coast of Vancouver, BC. Black Cod flesh has large velvety flakes with a sweet, rich flavour due to its high Omega 3 oil content.

I pan sear the Cod in half olive oil/half butter with a hearty splash of Ponzu Shoyu Yuzu over medium high heat. This ponzu contains soy sauce, mirin, vinegar, sugar and yuzu juice. While cooking, the sugars in the ponzu caramelize to make a delicious crust.
Yuzu is a citrus fruit originating in Eastern Asia with tart flavors reminiscent of grapefruit and mandarin orange. Serve the fish over Ponzu Yuzu. Tempura vegetables and shrimp, with steamed rice on the side, make a great accompaniment.

You may recall some photos of my favorite Hispanic market, El Supermercado? Another of my favorite neighborhood markets is the Mitsuwa Marketplace. This huge store provides vast selection of Japanese groceries and products. Inside the shopping center, there are more than 20 specialty shops and a fabulous Restaurant Row offering authentic selections.

Excellent fish…

and produce
and desserts.

I’m addicted to the dinnerware…

all of it!

The best place in the Food Court for Ramen is Santouka.


…Beautiful Displays

A Wide Selection of Sake and Beverages

Great Bakery and more…
Mitsuwa Marketplaces are only located in Southern California, Chicagoland, and New Jersey. But the good news is that their products are available online too.

We are so fortunate to have such a variety of fabulous ethnic markets so close to home.

18 thoughts on “Black Cod Ponzu Yuzu”

  1. I have yet to try sablefish and the raw fish looks gorgeous, all blush. It’s also great for ceviche.

  2. Your description of this fish is fantastic, makes me wish I could go out and buy some right now.

    I have to plan a trip to Chicago so that we can go to this place together.

  3. The black cod looks so good! And what a place, that market. It’s probably better that I am not too close to it: I may find it difficult to restrain myself. Great photos, as always.

  4. Hey, Lore! I love the sound of that Black Cod. Did you buy that at the Japanese market, or is it sold at regular supermarkets? I haven’t seen it in my markets in San Diego. And what a lovely recipe too, so light and healthy.

  5. Hi Peter – I going to experiment with more recipes. I really like this fish! And I know you will do it justice. I made it with a POTATO CRUST BACK IN SEPTEMBER.

    Hi Cynthia – Sure! Chicago is good I am there about four times a year, but I live in LA, when are you coming this way? 🙂

    Hi Simona – oh boy, it sure is a great place to get new inspiration. I always spend more time there than I planned.

  6. Hey Suz – you are cute! I bought the Ponzu at Mitsuwa, but I bought the fish at Bristol Farms. There is a Bristol Farms in La Jolla and one in Mission Viejo. I would bet that Mitsuwa would have it too, you see by the link there is a Mitsuwa in San Diego. YAY for you. Let me know if you make it…

  7. What a beautiful store Lori Lynn.. Is that mochi in the dessert case? My son just introduced it to me this week.. and I love international markets! 🙂

  8. And kudos! Sablefish/black cod is on the ‘safe’ list of endangered fish (unlike atlantic cod, y’all.). this looks really delicious.

    also, i’ve been meaning to stop into the jersey mitsuwa every time i leave brooklyn to visit my ‘rents but always forget!! i’ve GOT TO GET THERE!

  9. Hi Laurie – I would bet it is!

    HI WANF – yes, I linked to that in the post. Good.
    Oh, you must stop in the Jersey store, and while you’re there have Ramen at Santouka!

  10. That caramelized crust looks WONDERFUL! How lucky you are to have access to that marketplace. Since I’m in SoCal, I’ll have to do a little investigating to see where that is around here!

  11. Hi Lori Lynn, Your black cod looks perfectly prepared and I love how the ponzu carmelized the crust, I’m sure the taste was fabulous!! I have gone to the Chicago Mitsuwa marketplace, it’s only about 30 min. from my house, and it is everything you said, although I have never seen that beautiful dinnerware, how did I miss that?

  12. Thanks RecipeGirl – there is one in San Diego. Let me if you go and how you like it!

    Hi Marie – hmmm, well the dinnerware is in one of the many specialty shops. Thanks for the compliment.

  13. Thanks for explaining yuzu. I had no idea! Now I really want to try it.
    And also ponzu – I’ve never had that either, but I knew what it was.

  14. I love Mitsuwa! We have one less a mile away. I sometimes pick up rice balls wrapped in neri for my son to take to swim meets. For anything Asian – this is the store to go to first. Your fish look very yummy.

    xoxox Amy

  15. The Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ is a lot of fun…if you can read Japanese. ; ) The variety is something else! The jellied sweet counter alone is a marvel. Nice post, Lori Lynn.

  16. Hi Emiline – that is what happens when I shop at Mitsuwa, everything looks so interesting, I buy it all!

    Hi Amy – cool that it is so close!

    Thanks Jessy and Susan.

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