hot pot! swordfish, kimchi, soba noodle

 swordfish kimchi hot pot
hot pot! swordfish, kimchi, soba noodles
in a rich beef broth
with cucumber, tomato, scallion, jalapeño
togarashi & cilantro garnish

A super-satisfying one dish meal complex in flavor and texture. Generally a HOT POT is a pot of simmering hot stock for cooking meats and vegetables, which is placed in the center of the dining table. Here, this Korean~Japanese~Californian fusion hot pot meal is composed in individual bowls. Rich beef stock adds depth and pairs surprisingly well with fresh local California swordfish fillets while kimchi adds complexity with its sour, spicy, and umami notes. Farmers Market tomatoes, cucumber, and green jalapeño add bright crisp fresh notes to the pot.

hot pot recipe

hot pot ingredeints

Bring a pot of flavorful beef stock to a simmer. In the meantime, slice vegetables and chop kimchi into bite-sized pieces. Cook soba (buckwheat) noodles according to package instructions.

how to sear swordfish

Sear pieces of fresh swordfish in a non-stick skillet until just barely cooked through. Finish with a bit of sea salt.

colorful fresh hot pot

Season beef stock with a hearty splash each of sake, low-sodium soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, plus a small amount of brown sugar to taste. Bring to a boil then turn down the heat and add the kimchi and cucumber. After a minute or two, add tomato, scallion, and jalapeño to warm through.

Place soba noodles in the bottom of a bowl. Ladle broth and vegetables over the noodles. Float the swordfish on top of the soup. Garnish with more sliced scallion, chopped cilantro and togarashi (a condiment of ground chili, flaked nori, sesame seeds).

kimchi hot pot recipe
Enjoy the mingling of flavors and cultures…

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  1. If it wasn’t 9:30 p.m. and 70 degrees – I’d be starting this. Love a flavorful hot pot. Who knew my inspiration would come from a warm part of the country?

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