Wilson The Love Bug

One Eyed Boston Terrier
Wilson The Love Bug

Poor Wilson was brutally attacked by another dog, his eye severely damaged. And then, as if things couldn’t get any worse, his previous owners decided to dump him at a shelter. Boston Buddies (Southern California Boston Terrier Rescue) rescued Wilson, but their veterinarians were unable to save his eye. Yet, in spite of his bad experience, Wilson was a love bug.

After reading about Wilson on their website, I contacted Boston Buddies to say I was interested in him. I was told that he had already found his “forever home” and would be going there the next day. So, please, choose another dog. But I didn’t really have an interest in another dog, so I waited. A couple days later I got a call to say that his “forever home” had fallen through and could I meet him that day? I said that I was going to be out of town for the weekend and could take him on the following Monday. It turned out there was another family that wanted to take him that day, so he was placed with them. When I got home from the trip I received another call saying that Wilson did not get along with the other dogs in the home and did I still want him? YES! I WANT HIM! It sure seemed like we were meant to be together. That was in March of 2006, and he was three years old.

Wilson’s First Day in His “Forever Home” March 2006

This past year, Wilson had been struggling with breathing issues. In October I wrote a post on the Doggie Treats I made for him while he was recovering from everted laryngeal saccule removal and stenotic nares resection surgery. But a week ago last Sunday at 3:30 AM he had a seizure probably due to lack of oxygen. I revived him, calmed him, and he seemed to be doing better. Late Sunday night his breathing had gotten worse so I took him to the emergency hospital so he could be put in an oxygen tent. The doctors gave him a sedative along with the oxygen. On Monday morning he had a pulmonary specialist and a surgeon try to determine the cause of his problem. It was not in his upper airways as originally thought, so the issue was then determined to be in his lungs. A camera down his trachea determined that he had blood clots in his lungs and was/ would be drowning from the blood. He was under anesthesia when the doctor told me the sad news. Heartbroken, we decided to end his suffering then, at 6:30 PM Monday, December 10th.

Wilson Walks San Pedro, March 2010

Wilson was a sweet wonderful companion. I miss him terribly. We walked all over San Pedro together. As his breathing got more difficult, those walks became shorter. But even on the Saturday before he died, we had a nice, slow and easy 4 block walk. He was happy. Often times I would let him choose the direction. We would walk out the front gate and I would ask him, “Which way today?” He would lift his head and sniff the air, then go in the direction of his choosing. He had doggie friends throughout the neighborhood. Even if we hadn’t been on a particular street in months, he still remembered where all his canine friends lived. He would cross the streets, sometimes even jay-walking, to visit his friends in their yards. Bruiser the English Bulldog and Sydney the Dalmatian were among his favorites.

The most interesting story about Wilson and his walks happened exactly a year ago. At Thanksgiving 2011, my brother loaded Grant Achatz’s ibook, next ~ paris 1906, onto my ipad, with its gorgeous photos and recipes from Achatz’s fleeting restaurant “Paris 1906” in Chicago. But over that Thanksgiving holiday, with all the guests and all the cooking, I did not have time to read it. About a month later, in December 2011, I finally took the time to read that sublime cookbook. Every single dish was exquisite, but there was one in particular that captivated me. Potage a la Tortue Claire, a turtle soup made with aged madeira. The serving vessel so elegant, the garnish so beautiful it took my breath away. The soup is poured tableside. There were tiny yellow fennel flowers, chervil leaves, perfect little cubes of rutabaga and carrot, and a blue borage flower. That flower! I was smitten. Did they grown in Southern California? Could I grow them in my garden? I immediately went online to learn more about beautiful borage.

Now it was late morning and Wilson was excited to go for his walk. He had this cute way of letting me know ~ with the top of his head, he would go under my desk and push my keyboard back. “Hey Ma, enough with the computer, let’s go for a walk.” OK, little buddy, in a few minutes, I just want to learn a bit more about this borage…

A little while later we were outside at the gate, and I let him pick the direction of our walk. He walked for two blocks then insisted we go down a busy street. We never walk down that street due to the traffic, especially since our neighborhood has so many quaint quiet streets. Anyway, he literally insisted that we go down 19th Street. I gently tugged his leash to keep going straight but he would not have any of it. “OK, Wils, you win.” He walked about four houses down 19th and just stopped for no apparent reason. I looked down, and there at my feet, was a weed growing out of the crack in the sidewalk in front of a home without any real garden, a little plant with prickly stems with a few bright blue flowers. Borage?!?!

Well, I was stunned to say the least.  I picked the “weed” with its few striking blossoms and brought it home. I have walked and continue to walk all over our town. I have NEVER seen this flower anywhere before or since that day.

The Borage We Found in San Pedro

I am always interested in what my neighbors are growing, especially edible flowers, roses, fruit, and herbs. And I keep an eye out for borage. Now it has been a year since the borage sighting, and the only other place borage has shown up in San Pedro, is in my own yard, where I subsequently planted the seeds.

Jett & Wilson, Thanksgiving 2012

Wilson was a very special guy. We will always love him and always remember him. Thank you everyone for your sweet, heartfelt condolences…and we will always be grateful to Boston Buddies for bringing Wilson into our lives.

Wilson (2003 -2012)

Rest in Peace Little Buddy

29 thoughts on “Wilson The Love Bug”

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment Jessi. He was a wonderful little companion for over 6 1/2 years, and for that I will always be grateful.
      Wishing you the happiest of holidays!

    1. Thank you so much Tori. It is so difficult to imagine losing them, they are so precious. Wilson was a very special guy. Best wishes for a long happy healthy life to your “son.”

  1. How wonderful that you brought Wilson into your lives. It was meant to be obviously. I think that borage was his way of leaving something you will always remember him by. It’s so hard to lose a beloved pet and it sounds like the love went both ways.

    1. Hi Linda – I know you know how it feels, I remember reading about the loss of your precious kitty Rocky a few years ago. Thank you for your kind words. Even though it is so painful when they leave us, we are so very fortunate that they were a special part of our lives…

  2. My condolences… this was a great tribute and I am glad that you shared your memories of your friend… you really were meant for him… and I think he always knew it..!

  3. A lovely tribute to another of our faithful friends. Last night a friend (human!) and I had a converstaion about a similar loss and we have concluded that our sweet companaions are now in heaven with those 26 angels from Connecticut, giving then eternal love.

    1. I think so too Susan. So sorry about your friend’s loss.
      The angels from Connecticut no doubt have furry companions to keep them company in heaven…and Wilson is there to give his special “morning kisses.”

  4. Thank you for telling the story as it unfolded . . . Those of us who have wanted, needed and enjoyed the presence and company of any of those God made four-legged, will live with you throughout the story . . . Wilson was loved by you for over six years of his life and he died beloved . . . I hope you will allow me to share as a Christmas tale . . .

  5. Oh sweetie. Wilson could not have chosen a better human! Love the tale of the borage – there is something at work in the world when there is love. And your life has been so enriched because of the years you spent with Wilson. Rest in sweet peace, Wilson. Your love is still here.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Claudia. Yes, my life has been enriched by that little pooch.
      I’m happy I could share the borage story on TWTE, it was incredible…

    1. Thanks Karen ~ I know you know how it feels 🙁
      And thank you for the adorable frame for his photo, I know exactly the one that will go in it… a picture of him resting his chin on his favorite ball 🙂

  6. You did a wonderful thing by rescuing him and giving him a loving home and he gave you all he had. Now you have precious memories that, among the tears, will bring a smile to your face – always. Very nice tribute to your little guy.

  7. Very sorry to hear of your loss, I’ve been away from visiting for too long. I know what it’s like to lose a beloved pet. When my last St Bernard went I was just lost for a while… like a big chunk was cut away. Remember, you made a great life for a dog who had been lost and dumped when he needed his humans most. You should be so happy that you were able to do that… share your love.

  8. Oh, Lori Lynn ~ here I was popping over to say Merry Christmas and discovered this very sad news. I’m so sorry for your loss ~ while we know their time has come, it doesn’t make the grief any easier. Wilson looks such a sweetheart and sounds like a very special little soul. How beautiful to have the borage as another ongoing reminder of your adventures and walks with your dear companion. Take care, much love to you. x0

  9. I am so sorry for your loss, Lori! I have a pooch at home, too, and I can’t imagine what I’ll do when it’s time for him to say goodbye. I get a little weepy just thinking about it. Dogs are such wonderful beings.

    1. Thank you Frank, I am heartbroken 🙁
      How fortunate we are to have these sweethearts in our lives, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, even with the all the sadness we feel when they leave…
      Hugs to your little friend.

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