Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!

If you are a math nerd (like me), this is a fun day!

People young and old, all around the world, challenge themselves to memorize π on this day
March 14 or 3.14


Pi, the ratio of the circle’s circumference to its diameter, is an irrational number which never repeats,
so memorizing pi can be a lifelong adventure!

For this Pi Day, we are not baking an apple pie, nor a pizza pie, nor egg pie or quiche!

To celebrate Pi Day 2011 we are going to appreciate our math teachers, or better yet, all our teachers!

You Have A Big Heart

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

If you could write a fortune, place it in a fortune cookie and give it to your teacher,
coach, or staff member, what would it say?

you will get a great class next year

You will get a great class next year.
from Jack

fortune cookie contest

Good fortune abounds.

all your children will listen to you

All your children will listen to you.
from Gregory


Beautiful table centerpieces with mini flowing fountain.

some day in the future you will find a nice sweater

Someday in the future you will find a nice sweater.
from Andrew

everybody will love you

Everybody will love you.
from Sophia

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

Tea, and fortune cookie, and crane.

My fortune was:

You’ll have a vacation to Hawaii, Pittsburgh, and Dallas.
from Austin

there will be peace in the world for you

There will be peace in the world for you.
from Ethan

You will hit the jackpot in luck tomorrow.
Your lucky numbers are 9, 11,17, 19, 20, 21, and 101.
from Yuki

Teacher Appreciation Asian Theme

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

This year for Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day, our wonderful parents chose a delightful Asian theme, transforming the auditorium into a magical colorful space.

On this day the parents go all-out to express their gratitude for the faculty and staff at our school. While some parents graciously wait on the teachers at the luncheon, other parents are in the classrooms so teachers may have an extended lunch period to relax and enjoy the fabulous meal.

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

The appetizer buffet included eggrolls and sushi rolls.

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

Hot Chinese Buffet

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

Shrimp, chicken, and tofu stir-fries.

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

Faculty and staff received invitations to the luncheon two weeks prior to the event, which included a set of chopsticks – so we knew the theme was to be Asian, but no one sees the room until they arrive for lunch.

Imagine our delight as we walk into the transformed auditorium! We are fortunate  indeed – to work at an outstanding school with such a dedicated parent population.

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

Cherry blossoms – an omen of good fortune and an emblem of love and affection.
Koi – a very powerful symbol of good luck, abundance and prosperity.

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

The hot buffet was a bit hit!

teacher appreciation luncheon, rolling hills country day school

Desserts included a cookie buffet and homemade red velvet cupcakes.

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

Love Notes

teacher appreciation luncheon, rolling hills country day school

From the children…

teacher appreciation luncheon, rolling hills country day school

Dear Coach Grant,
You are AWESOME!!
From, Mateo-Luis

teacher appreciation luncheon, rolling hills country day school

Dear Mr. Kane,
I had a lot of fun in your class and I hope I can do more fun projects again.

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

Take-out containers filled with goodies and homemade cake pops.

Paper cranes and fortune cookies.

Teacher Appreciation & Pi Day

Thank You Parents & Happy Pi Day Teacher!


Teacher Appreciation Luncheons

UPDATE: Going way beyond creative, over the years the parents have turned an ordinary auditorium into:

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Mysterious Colorful Morocco

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Charming Farmers Market

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Amazing All-Star Ballpark

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Clever Eco-Friendly Environment

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

National Park with Campfire Lunch in the “Woods”

To those who plan Teacher Appreciation Luncheons, click on each link for fabulous inspiration!

(reposted from 2011)

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