an eggs benedict for your heart, really

cholesterol-free eggs benedict:
heart-healthy hollandaise
olive oil tarragon garlic poached tomato “egg yolk”
meatless canadian bacon
rustic whole grain toast with herb oil

On Taste With The Eyes I am always excited to share delicious foods that are also good for the heart. Heart healthy eating has two components. First, it is to eliminate foods that are high in cholesterol and detrimental to the heart, such as trans fat. Second, it is about adding food to the diet that is good for the heart, like those high in fiber and rich in omega-3s. A lean piece of beef, pork, or chicken every now and then is OK. What is NOT OK, is that fabulous brunch dish called Eggs Benedict: poached eggs and Canadian bacon over an English muffin topped with the dreamy “French Egg Yolk Butter Emulsion” AKA hollandaise sauce. Nope, that would never fly with your cardiologist.

5 star makeover cooking group

Natasha, the 5 Star Foodie,  and Lazaro of Lazaro Cooks! are hosting a fabulous new event for “sharing ideas and creating gourmet makeovers of selected classic dishes or flavor combinations.”

February’s Classic Combination: Bacon & Eggs

“Your twist can range from modern, fusion cuisine, molecular gastronomy, featuring seasonal ingredients, or a particular cuisine style. We are looking for gourmet creative dishes with your unique culinary point of view.”

Would you think that their first choice of a classic flavor combination, bacon & eggs, might be a challenge for a person committed to eating a low-cholesterol diet?

A small yellow tomato replaces the egg yolk.
Tomatoes are poached in olive oil and infused with tarragon and garlic flavors.

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