Cherimoya Brûlée

Cherimoya Brûlée

Cherimoya Brûlée

Recently at the local farmers market, a woman walked up and started asking about an exotic fruit called cherimoya. I shared that while it was very expensive (a medium-large one cost almost $8) I thought that it was ultimately worth the price. At about the same cost per pound as a top sirloin steak, it is probably not a fruit you would have on the breakfast table every day – but to add variety, or when guests are in town, cherimoya is a special treat.

This fruit, native to the valleys of Ecuador, Columbia, and Peru, has a mysterious flavor and unique texture. The juicy white sweet flesh tastes a bit like pineapple, though not as tart, with a hint of banana, and maybe papaya. The aroma is heady and tropical. The texture is even more intriguing, less like fruit and more like custard. As I was explaining the cherimoya to her, a pineapple banana crème brûlée came to mind. And that is how this Cherimoya Brûlée was born…

Cherimoya Brûlée Recipe

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Vegetable Casserole with Fresh Herbs, Lemons and Cured Black Olives

Vegetable Casserole with Fresh Herbs, Lemons, and Cured Black Olives
Vegetable Casserole with Fresh Herbs, Lemons and Dry-Cured Black Olives

Potato, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Tomato
Lemon, Onion, Garlic, Parmesan, Dry-Cured Black Olives
Thyme, Oregano, Basil

The mandoline seems to be my go-to kitchen tool of choice these days. Thinly sliced vegetables and lemons are drizzled with olive oil and layered with fresh herbs, then baked for 40 minutes. Dry-cured black olives, Parmesan, and basil finish the dish. The result is a light fresh casserole that can be enjoyed warm or at room-temperature, easily wrapped up and whisked off to a picnic or the beach (or both). And would be equally fitting served as part of a fancy buffet dinner.

le pique-nique

Fresh Vegetable Casserole Recipe

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