Evelyn Dawn’s Potato Crusted Salmon

Evelyn Dawn’s Potato Crusted Atlantic Salmon
Sautéed Vegetables and Lemon Dill Sauce
Gina Lee’s Bistro, Redondo Beach, California

Evelyn was my grandmother-in-law.
She passed away at 93 years of age in the year 2000.

As a tribute when Evelyn passed, the proprietors of Gina Lee’s Bistro, Scott and Gina Lee, named this dish after her. They keep her memory alive daily in their fabulous restaurant, as waiters are constantly asked by new patrons, who is Evelyn Dawn and why is the salmon named for her? They are quick to tell about Evelyn; an independent woman ahead of her time, with impeccable taste, a successful businesswoman, friend, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and educator of hundreds. Scott and Gina keep a framed photograph of Evelyn in the restaurant.
Evelyn was often asked about the secret to her vitality at her age. When someone would ask her age, she would tell them the truth, and they wouldn’t believe it. She would reply, “Do you really think I would lie and increase my age?” She had a great sense of humor too.
Scott and Gina said of the salmon dish, “This is a crowd favorite. Lots of people remember “Miss Dawn” who among other things founded Rolling Hills Country Day School. She came in the restaurant nearly daily and always had the salmon professing that the omega 3 fatty acids kept her going at top speed. We’ve had former students and teachers come in and marvel that she lives on our menu.”

Miss Evelyn Dawn
July 8, 1907 – July 16, 2000

Here’s Evelyn in her 90’s with a glass of red wine and a cigar!
Rolling Hills Country Day School was founded in 1961 by Evelyn Dawn who began educating children in the early 50’s. She bought and operated her first school in Manhattan Beach, California—a preschool. Seeing growth opportunities along the beach area, Miss Dawn sold her Manhattan Beach school and bought a new facility in Redondo Beach that also included two swimming pools. There she taught swimming and the ABC’s to hundreds of local children. Every year her preschool program grew and eventually she needed a site that would house her dream: to provide a high quality educational experience for children. In 1961, Miss Dawn, with very little assistance, broke ground on a beautiful piece of land on the Palos Verdes Peninsula and realized her dream of a Kindergarten through Grade 8 School, that is Rolling Hills Country Day School.
Today would have been her 101st birthday.

21 thoughts on “Evelyn Dawn’s Potato Crusted Salmon”

  1. Ahahaha, I love it…the gal even smoked cigars! I bet she even had a stogie or two with Uncle Miltie.

    So, you gonna give us the recipe or what?

  2. It is entirely possible that Evelyn had a stogie with Uncle Miltie. She also told us that a boy named Marion Morrison asked her to prom. She turned him down. He eventually changed his name to John Wayne.

  3. What a beautiful woman. I have such admiration for these pioneering women. Don’t they just give you peace sometimes – hoping & striving to be like them in some small way. Seriously, everyday I look to my elders, knowing they have lived through what my “trials” are, and gain strength to live not only a good life, but hopefully one full of love & inspiration like Miss Dawn. God bless her. And, bless you too for holding her in such high regard, loving her, and paying tribute to her.

    xoxox Amy

    P.S. The salmon looks gorgeous!

  4. HI Simona – We think it is so terrific that Scott and Gina continue to do this. I know for sure that Evelyn would get a kick out of having the salmon named after her.

  5. What a great honor, but honestly the dish looks divine and the sauce is like heaven for me . My grandmother had 95 years old and she is fine for now, but she couldn´t cook for a little problem in her fingers.
    Lovely post Lory Lynn

  6. Hi Katie – she was one very special person. Thank you so much for commenting.

    Amy – your comments are always so thoughtful and profound. I agree with you, our elders have so much to teach us.

  7. Oh Hi Sylvia- your comment came in while I was posting. I am so happy for you to have a 95 year old grandmother. A treasure indeed. As for her fingers, I am sure she is happy to eat your fabulous cooking at this age!!!

  8. Your in-laws must be so proud of you to pay tribute to Miss Evelyn like this. 🙂 The salmon dish is awesome looking! I would love to try that! I’m happy for all of you to have so many wonderful memories of her!

  9. HI Laurie – thank you so much, I’m waiting to get the recipe, I will share it when I do.

  10. Now thats an incredible woman! That picture is priceless! How fortunate for you and your family to have had her in your life, I could only dream to have her “spunk” in my 90’s. Great post Lori Lynn.

  11. A beautiful dish and a wonderful way of eternalizing a lovely woman. You were/are very blessed.

    I’m with Evelyn – Omega 3’s are the magic.

  12. Wonderful post and photos… and such a nice way of making a lovely recipe more meaningful to all of us.

  13. Hi Marie – she indeed had spunk!

    Hi Giz – I’m sure she’s looking down and gets a kick out of a salmon dish named for her.

    Hi Ann – thank you and I just posted the exact recipe from Gina Lee too!

  14. This is too fun! What a lady! So cool that they kept that dish for her. It looks absolutely wonderful!
    Thanks for the recipe! Hope you are having a good summer!

  15. what a beautiful tribute to miss dawn. she would love everything – the dish bearing her name, the photo, your blog, the history of the school and her story told so lovingly. i won’t mention the bandaid story…

  16. I am so very glad this dish was named for her.

    I found this site because I was one of her first students. I started at her Manhattan Beach site and moved with her to the Redondo site. I was in her first kindergarten class and also a graduate of her swim school. I remember learning French and learning how to swim in the ocean. She felt if we were going to live at the beach we should learn to swim safely at the beach. She was a “kick”

    I remember going back to see her after I was an adult and she still had a picture of me looking over the top of a book. My Mom had given me a “Bobbie”perm and I looked like Little Annie.

    1. Hi Laddie – thanks so much for your comment. Always so neat to hear from people who knew Evelyn. Yes, she certainly was a kick! Thanks for taking the time to share.
      Wishing you happy holidays!

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