Eco-Friendly Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Come Celebrate


Mother Earth


Join Us for the Annual Staff Appreciation Luncheon

This year’s event will be entirely eco-friendly.
Come see the many creative ways to reuse trash.

“Because waste is a terrible thing to waste.”

This year for Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day, our wonderful parents chose an eco-friendly theme, transforming the auditorium into a charming recycled oasis. On this day the parents go all-out to express their gratitude for the faculty and staff. While some parents graciously serve the food and set the tables at the luncheon, other parents are in the classrooms with the children so teachers may have an extended lunch period to relax and enjoy the fabulous meal. We are so fortunate to work at an outstanding school with such a dedicated parent population.

Recycled cereal boxes were painted and made into enchanting wall art. Magazine covers were cut into butterflies that flittered above the tables. Cat food cans and light bulbs were refitted with wire and hung as mini vases for flowers. Centerpieces were made out of twigs and recycled beer & wine bottles, decorated with labels made from old calendars. They re-purposed buttons and corks, newspapers, soup cans, and paper bags.

Personalized wishes for teachers from students were hung on a “wish tree.” Lunch was served on natural areca leaf plates. Several moms made homemade cupcakes and apple pies for dessert. After the delightful lunch, we were given seeds to grow our own butterfly garden which came in a darling flower pot with cookies and pencils and the message, “thank you for helping us grow.”

Extending my personal Thank You to the creative, clever, generous parents
of the students at Rolling Hills Country Day School.

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41 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Teacher Appreciation Luncheon”

  1. WOW is right!! I love that you show that Eco friendly can still be pretty, sophisticated and creative! What a lovely treat for the teachers too. Great work!

  2. Lori – you are so amazing and creative. I love the wall art in the cereal boxes.
    I hope other schools catch this! Hugs

  3. Breathtaking! Please oh please,in the blue cones, that is in there, how were they made and what is keeping them up?

    1. Hi Jen – those are “nut cones.” Blue paper is wrapped into a cone and secured with twine. There is a small hole at the bottom of the cone that fits over the stick protruding from the board. The empty cone is placed on the stick, then filled with assorted nuts, m&ms, raisins, etc. The teacher can then lift the cone straight up to take away. The base is decorated with shredded magazine. I’ll email you a close-up shot.

  4. Wow! So impressive. I love the way the cat food tins and the lightbulbs were repurposed. The plates (and how they’re made) are so cool. I can’t decide whether I want to be a teacher at your school…or part of the committee that plans the teacher appreciation events. The most we ever did was invite a teacher to a meal we made in cooking class.

  5. I love these ideas!!! Where could I get instructions for the cereal box shadow boxes? I would love to make these! Thanks! 🙂

  6. This luncheon is absolutely beautiful! My daughter goes to school every single day excited to discover what wonderful things they’ll be doing in class that day and I attribute this to amazing teachers. I would love to organize something like this at her school for the teachers. Your eco-friendly theme would be just perfect! Would you be willing to share information on what it would take budget-wise to throw something like this? Also, how many volunteers did you have on your committee to throw such a beautiful event? Any information you could pass along would be so wonderful and very much appreciated!

    1. Hi Laura – I’ll see if I can get more information for you from the parent who had the fabulous idea for this luncheon. Thanks for your comment! Good luck.

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