RE-Creating Joël Robuchon Las Vegas

Joël Robuchon - MGM Grand Las Vegas
A Table at Joël Robuchon – MGM Grand Las Vegas
Joël Robuchon - MGM Grand Las Vegas
Taste With The Eyes RE-Creation of A Table at Joël Robuchon

RE-Creating Joël Robuchon Las Vegas

The past month has been very special. We were celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, 15 years of Taste With The Eyes, 3 years of living in Las Vegas, and the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen (remembering my mother’s trip to London for the Coronation in 1952).

The highlight of our celebrations was an exquisite dinner at Joël Robuchon’s eponomous Three Michelin Star restaurant at the MGM Grand Las Vegas. The entire experience ranks as one of our finest meals, ever. It was French Perfection.

The “Chef of the Century” sadly passed away in 2018, but his restaurants certainly keep his artistry, passion, and spirit alive. A single framed photo of the late Chef graces the credenza at the entrance to the restaurant.

Joël Robuchon - MGM Grand Las Vegas
Our Table at Joël Robuchon – MGM Grand Las Vegas
Joël Robuchon - MGM Grand Las Vegas
Taste With The Eyes RE-Creation of Our Table at Joël Robuchon

The world-class restaurants, with a concentration of the world’s best chefs, were one of the many reasons I was excited to move to Vegas. They are now just 21 minutes (get it?) from my house! Of all the great ones, Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand is the crown jewel.

The Pierre-Yves Rochon art-deco Parisian apartment décor is swathed in plush hues of purple. The space exudes the same type of elegance found on the plate — we were inspired to savor every moment with all the senses. Trolleys were overflowing with breads and cheeses and mignardises. The impeccable service, opulent décor, unparalleled brilliant dishes….all made for a truly unforgettable evening.

RE-Creating Joël Robuchon Las Vegas

One of my most cherished creative outlets is to re-create historical events through food. Presidential Inaugural Luncheons in 2013 and 2017, Julia Child’s First Meal in France in 1948, and Dinner in Julia’s Cambridge Kitchen, are a few examples of many of my favorite re-creations. (See all the links below).

For this celebration, I am RE-Creating the restaurant in my home atelier and preparing a Salmon Crudo in a style in which I think the Chef would approve.

RE-Creating Joël Robuchon Las Vegas

RE-Creating Joël Robuchon Las Vegas
Indoor Garden Terrace Joël Robuchon Las Vegas
Joël Robuchon Las Vegas
Taste With The Eyes RE-Creation Indoor Garden Terrace

Butter and Olive Oil

Joël Robuchon - MGM Grand Las Vegas
Butter Service

The stars of Joël Robuchon are the tableside carts, starting with the butter service, where a domed block of Brittany butter is carved with a warm spoon and then swirled onto a plate before 18 different types of bread are presented. In addition to the butter, olive oil is poured into a couple small bowls. We were told that this particular olive oil was the Chef’s favorite. Naturally, I had to seek it out.

Joël Robuchon - MGM Grand Las Vegas
Butter and Olive Oil
Joël Robuchon - MGM Grand Las Vegas
Bread Trolley
Joël Robuchon - MGM Grand Las Vegas
Masia El Altet
Masia El Altet Olive Oil

Masia is used to describe a country estate, a large farmhouse or a house where agricultural work is carried out. Altet stands for land elevation.

  • The first coupage created by Masía el Altet – 60% Picual + 20% Arbequina + 20% Alfafarenca, Blanqueta and Genovesa
  • “Pre Envero” stage of maturity of the olive (when the olive juice has the best aroma and taste)
  • Very high in polyphenols and antioxidants
  • Perfect to use with light fish, meat, cheese, pasta and all types of vegetables, as well as being used by many chefs in desserts and baking
  • This extra virgin olive oil is balanced, elegant, herbaceous and fruity, and expresses the identity of the terroir, the special features of the olive varieties, and the personality of the agriculturalist

Salmon Crudo – Caviar Style

Salmon Crudo – Caviar Style
Salmon Crudo – Caviar Style
Remembering the Chef

“To make a grand meal, you have to make it simple. To look simple is very complicated. You need the highest quality products, the best equipment and you have to keep the focus on the original flavor of the product.”
Joël Robuchon

Le Caviar Imperial Joël Robuchon Las Vegas
Le Caviar Imperial Joël Robuchon Las Vegas

One of the Chef’s signature dishes – Le Caviar Imperial is a crispy soft-boiled egg and smoked salmon topped with Imperial caviar. It was one of our favorite courses. This dish really embodies the Robuchon philosophy – the plate has just a few well-executed ingredients, all of the highest-quality, all thoughtfully placed for maximum effect.

Salmon Crudo - Caviar Style
Taste With The Eyes Salmon Crudo – Caviar Style

So, for my re-creation dish I make a very simple salmon crudo, with the best ingredients – Alaskan sockeye salmon and Olive Oil from Masia El Altet. Just like the Chef, salmon is paired with egg. Here, the garnish is reminiscent of caviar accompaniments. A purple flower mirrors the décor.


  • olive oil
  • sockeye salmon
  • hard cooked egg
  • chives
  • flaky smoked sea salt
  • lemon


Pour a thin layer of Masia El Altet olive oil on the platter. Fan thinly-sliced raw sushi-quality sockeye salmon on top. Sprinkle in rows over the salmon: hard-cooked egg whites, flaky smoked sea salt, finely chopped chives, and hard-cooked eggs yolk. Serve with plenty of lemon slices.

To prepare eggs for the garnish – separate the hard cooked egg whites and the hard cooked egg yolk. Press separately through a course-mesh sieve.

More Trolleys

RE-Creating Joël Robuchon Las Vegas
Cheese Trolley
RE-Creating Joël Robuchon Las Vegas
Mignardise Trolley

RE-Creations by Taste With The Eyes

Julia Child

Vichyssoise à la Julia Child and her Kitchen in Cambridge (here)

Julia Child’s Upside-Down Martini (here)

Julia’s First Meal in France and the fabulous recipe for Sole Meunière (here)

Sneak into Julia’s kitchen to watch her make the authentic Caesar Salad and Salmon in Papillote in her usual charming and un-fussy manner (here)

Join Julia and her friends in a beautiful courtyard, seated at a little white table beneath a leafy trellis for a splendid lunch, while they uncover the secret of Loup de Mer (here)

Inaugural Luncheons and Tribute Dinner

January 20, 2017

January 22, 2013

February 12, 1900


Mayfair Supper Club Tomato Salad

Loup de Mer à la Le Bon Georges


Platinum Jubilee: Coronation Chicken

Platinum Jubilee: Crumpets

Joël Robuchon’s La Purée de Pommes de Terre

Paul Bocuse’s Chicken Fricassée


MGM Grand Las Vegas

Forbes Travel Guide

Masia El Altet

Merci Beaucoup

To My Brother & Sister-In-Law for this Over-The-Top-Dinner Birthday Gift

Christophe De Lellis Executive Chef, Joël Robuchon Las Vegas

Repose en Paix Chef Joël Robuchon ❤️

Joël Robuchon
Joël Robuchon

11 thoughts on “RE-Creating Joël Robuchon Las Vegas”

  1. What a thoroughly marvelous post. You really captured the gravitas of dining in this kind of temple/restaurant. I especially enjoyed the provenance and pedigree of the olive oil. Since mimicry is the truest form of flattery, I may be flattering you soon by re-creating your re-creation in a dining room somewhere in St Louis.

    1. Merci beaucoup, Chef! Thank you for your kind words. It was a magnificent dinner and so much fun trying to re-create that fabulous ambience…I’m so excited to see your St. Louis re-creation!

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