Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Chef Sam Choy and Sustainable Ahi

Chef Sam Choy and Sustainable Ahi

Born and raised in Hawaii, Chef Sam Choy explains how the islanders would watch the old Hawaiian “landkeepers” take care of the environment, and how they would embrace the magic of kapu.

Kapu represents a period of time when there is no fishing, no taking from the earth. “It is when we leave the earth time to replenish itself,” Choy said. “If we keep depleting, there will be nothing left for our great great grandkids. We need to protect. We need to care. We want them to have what we are enjoying.”

Choy’s philosophy has always been like that – protecting, caring. He lives that way, he says. Keeping the ocean pristine and vibrant, allowing the nature of the ocean to be plentiful. “Living in Hawaii, you have to believe in that, we are surrounded by water, after all.”

sustainable seafood

This post is the third in a series promoting sustainable seafood.

Sam Choy’s Bow-tie Mahimahi Salad

Crusted Ahi with Roasted Garlic Tahini

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chef Sam Choy's Bow-tie Mahimahi Salad

Chef Sam Choy’s Bow-tie Mahimahi Salad

“Pasta salads and poke are made for each other – both are best served cold, both use a blend of multiple flavors, and both taste great. The best thing about this dish, aside from the taste, is its versatility. If mahimahi is not your favorite, simply substitute ahi, wahoo, or any other fish. You simply cannot go wrong.” -Sam Choy

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Togarashi Crusted Ahi over Ponzu with Roasted Garlic Tahini, Serrano, Kaffir Lime, Wasabi, Borage

Togarashi Furikake Crusted Ahi
Over Ponzu
Roasted Garlic Tahini Sauce
Garnished with Serrano, Kaffir Lime Shards, Wasabi, Borage

Choosing the right fish for your dish can have a positive impact on the marine environment and the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium would like to help educate local consumers on this important topic. Today, FRIENDS of Cabrillo Marine Aquarium hosted its first Sustainable Seafood Expo, a fun and delicious way to sample new seafood dishes, wines and craft beers while learning how to make the best selections when dining out or cooking at home.

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is one of 200 partners in the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, which produces pocket guides and a smart phone app recommending which seafood items are “best choices,” “good alternatives” or “avoid.”

sustainable seafood

Seafood Watch recommendations consider the fishery, habitat, species, management, and a host of factors that affect each species. The goal is to help sustain wild, diverse and healthy ocean ecosystems that will exist long into the future. Consumers are encouraged to purchase seafood that is fished or farmed in ways that don’t harm the environment. (from Sustainable Seafood Expo press release)

yellowfin tuna

My “contribution” to the event is a recipe for sustainable Yellowfin (Ahi) Tuna, Pole Caught right here off our Pacific Coast.

Togarashi Crusted Ahi Recipe

Yellowfin tuna is found throughout most of the world’s oceans. Many types of gear are used to catch tuna. Not all yellowfin fisheries use ocean-friendly methods and some populations are overfished. Look for troll- or pole-caught yellowfin as the most sustainable option. (from SeafoodWatch here)

Crusted Ahi Recipe

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Savory Little Pumpkins with Labneh, Zaatar, Pumpkin Seed Oil

Savory Roasted Little Pumpkins
Labneh, Zaatar, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Seed Oil

Earthy autumn flavors, intense nuttiness, creamy textures and a bit of crunch describe this petite pumpkin side-dish charmingly served in its own shell.

Green-hued Austrian pumpkin seed oil contrasts with the burnt-orange pumpkin. It is used as a finishing oil, to add a deep complex taste and striking color. Labneh, a strained yogurt, adds rich and tangy notes while zaatar, a spice mix consisting of thyme, sesame seeds, sumac, and salt anchors the dish with warm earthy aromas and flavors. Roasted seeds bring the third element of pumpkin to the dish. Served with the lid on, guests are delighted to lift off the top and behold the unexpected presentation and enjoy the wafting aromas of the season.

Savory Little Pumpkins with Labneh, Zaatar, Pumpkin Seed Oil

 Savory Roasted Little Pumpkins Recipe

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Friday, October 3, 2014

Dungeness Crab Chaud Froid with apples, walnut and pomegranate

Terranea Resort Names Charles Olalia Chef de Cuisine of mar’sel
Chef Olalia Brings New Culinary Direction to Celebrated Los Angeles Restaurant

The following is a press release from Terranea Resort. It was my honor and pleasure to shoot the photos of Chef Charles Olalia and his food.

Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. (Oct. 2, 2014) – Terranea Resort, A Destination Hotel, welcomes Charles Olalia as the new chef de cuisine of mar’sel, the resort’s signature restaurant. One of Los Angeles’ top dining destinations, mar’sel blends old world techniques with new world California cuisine in a spectacular seaside setting located along the prestigious Palos Verdes Peninsula.

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